Education and Communication in Mathematics and Natural Sciences

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Course Category: Master and Master of Arts

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    There are two different specializations: education and communication. Both have some common basic subjects, but other required courses are different for each specialization.

    In the courses you will be introduced to various aspects of science communication and education. You can think of designing educational materials, the role of various types of media in science communication and research in the field of science communication and education.

    Course Description

    Science education (specialization)

    To prepare for a teaching job, in the first year you do the Basic Course for teacher training.

    Part of this course is an internship at school. You will be teaching a number of classes in a secondary school. Twice a week there are training activities, such as teaching methodology, education and peer meetings.

    Communications (specialization)

    In this specialization, you learn how to act as an intermediary between science and technology on the one hand, and the non-specialist audience on the other.

    During the course you will study the position of science in society, in the historical background and the current state of scientific research. You have to deal with risk communication and public debates in the box Science Communication and Society.

    In the External Mission Science Communication you work for a few weeks for an external customer. You are very free to choose with whom you are doing the job and what you will do. Many students go to work for a popular science magazine, a museum or website or a radio or television.