Science Communication “Franco Prattico”

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Course Category: Master and Master of Science

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    The ‘Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzi’, SISSA, offers its students an interdisciplinary cultural background, business skills and techniques to be used in various professional fields. Special attention is devoted to digital media and the social world and the international dimension is provided by some of the teachings and lessons entirely in English.

    • Communicating Science
    • Digital media
    • Business skills


    Course Description

    The Master’s course in Science Communication “Franco Prattico” is a two-year course for those who wish to pursue a career as science communicators. Several areas are covered: newspaper, radio, TV and online journalism, institutional and business communication, traditional and multimedia publishing, and museology. The Master was established in 1993 and since then over 250 students have been trained. 80% of this Master’s course graduates work in the field of Science Communication.