Science, Technology and Innovation Management

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Course Category: Bachelor and Bachelor of Science

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    This study course challenges you to build a bridge between what is technologically possible and what is socially feasible in the field of sustainable energy, transport and health.

    Course Description

    Science, Technology and Innovation Management combines knowledge of the natural sciences with knowledge from the social sciences and economics. To solve problems related to innovation, one one has to not only have knowledge of technology, but also the needs of consumers. For example, one has to respond to new market trends and to be able t0 collaborate with other parties.

    If you want to contribute to innovations that are good for society and good for the environment, think of:

    • Cars running on biofuels or hydrogen
    • Renewable energy: wind turbines and solar panels
    • A passport with your DNA data in a chip
    • E-health care at a distance