What is the Science Communication Finder?

The Science Communication Finder is a project run by students of Rhine-Waal University, Germany. It offers a database of science communication courses around the world. Our database is continuously expanding, and can easily be searched through.

The Science Communication Finder offers:

  • An interactive world map that displays all registered Courses related to science communication by location.
  • Extensive information about each course, which is continuously expanded and updated.
  • Easily find courses near you, matching your criteria, by utilising our advanced search function.
  • Courses can be filtered by their type of degree or any of our helpful tags.


  • The New Design

    The New Design

    Science Communication finder is a continuously evolving project, and has yet reached another important step in its evolution. We overhauled our database and map system, and redesigned the entire website from scratch. New features are: Greatly improved search function, allowing even location based queries Enhanced map with Google Maps integration Degrees …Read More »
  • SCI at HSRW’s Open Day

    SCI at HSRW’s Open Day

    At the Open Day of the Rhine-Waal University (HSRW), we had the first opportunity to present the Science Communication Finder to the public. We displayed SCI along with other projects developed by our course over time. The presentation of these projects helped people to understand the subject of science communication better. …Read More »
  • Test Post

    Test Post

    Just a quick test on thingsRead More »
  • It lives!

    It lives!

    The Science Communication Finder is finally up and running! There are several important things left to do, but we expect to enter public BETA stage before 30th of May. Stay tuned!Read More »