Science Communication

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Course Description
Course Description
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    Science Communication (field of study) is a part of the Graduate Certificate in Communication programme.

    The effective diffusion of expert scientific knowledge is critical in today’s increasingly commercialised and knowledge-intensive environment. This field is intended for graduates from disciplines engaging with science who wish to communicate effectively with scientists and professionals in business, industry, government, and the media. Courses provide academic and professional development in the theory and practice of science communication.

    Graduate Certificate in Communication programme provides students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the ever-expanding communication industries. The program is designed to enhance the skills of existing communication graduates and professionals. Courses are designed to increase understanding of the application of communication theory and research to health promotion, business, public relations, policy and politics, intercultural relations and globalisation. Students develop knowledge of communication dynamics, as well as practical professional skills.

    Course Description

    Course list

    • Introduction to Medical and Science Reporting OR Professional Communication
    • Introduction to Science Communication
    • Presenting Science
    • Communicating Controversial Science

    Employment opportunities

    Careers for professional communicators who understand how to explain science and scientific research to non-scientists.