Art and Science

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Course Category: Master and Master of Arts

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    MA Art and Science gives students an opportunity to interrogate the creative relationships between art and science and how they can be communicated. You’ll explore different approaches to making and presenting your work with the aim of proposing and realising innovative outcomes in practice and research.

    Course Description

    MA Art and Science provides an extensive final unit of 120 credits (45 weeks) enabling continuous development and realisation of a significant programme of work. MA Art and Science supports and is shaped by:

    • Exploration of the approaches of art and science to enquiry – how scientific ideas may inform and provoke the making of art, and how practices in art and science may correspond
    • Development of knowledge of historical and contemporary contexts, practical processes, research methods and writing
    • Learning from, and building, working relationships between artists, medics, mathematicians, anatomists, curators and other professional practitioners engaged in research that investigates art and science
    • Student projects through the use of established links with institutions in London such as the Wellcome Trust, Hunterian Museum, Gordon Museum and Natural History Museum
    • Development of current thinking on art and science towards further research

    About the course

    • MA Art and Science lasts 60 weeks structured as two consecutive periods of 30 weeks each (i.e. two academic years) in its ‘extended full-time mode.’
    • MA Art and Science is credit rated at 180 credits, and comprises 3 units. Unit 1 (40 credits) and Unit 2 (20 credits) run concurrently and last 15 weeks. Unit 3 (120 credits) follows after the completion of Units 1 and 2 and runs for 45 weeks.
    • Students successfully achieving Units 1 and 2 may exit at this point with the award of Postgraduate Certificate.
    • All three units must be passed in order to achieve the MA, but the classification of the award of MA derives from the mark for Unit 3 only.
    • In year one we expect you to commit an average of 40 hours per week. In year two your study is predominantly self-managed but we expect you to commit an average of 20 hours per week. Across the two years, therefore, you’re expected to commit an average of 30 hours per week.