Science & Technology in Society

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Course Category: Master and Master of Science

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    This interdisciplinary programme examines the social, political and cultural dimensions of science, technology and innovation.

    This programme offers a comprehensive introduction to the interdisciplinary field of science and technology studies, and is intended for students wishing to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the role of science, technology and innovation in society.

    We host one of the leading international centres of interdisciplinary research and teaching in science, technology and innovation studies, which means you’ll be studying as part of a vibrant community of scholars.

    You’ll be able to call on the expertise of our highly regarded academic staff, particularly in the areas of:

    • sociology and social history of science and technology
    • sociology and economics of the life sciences and medicine
    • social shaping of technology
    • science and technology for international development
    • management of technology and innovation
    • politics of public engagement with science and technology

    Course Description

    This programme is delivered through lectures, seminars, group work and guided independent study.

    You will complete four compulsory courses and three or four option courses and then work on an independently researched dissertation.

    You can also pursue a dissertation through a work-based placement.

    Learning outcomes

    Graduates will be expected to:

    • possess a theoretical grounding in the interdisciplinary field of science, technology and innovation studies
    • display the ability to critically employ theories and concepts from science, technology and innovation studies for the analysis of a range of empirical examples
    • understand the methodological and epistemological underpinnings of a range of social science approaches for understanding science, technology and innovation
    • have a critical awareness of current issues in the area of science, technology and innovation studies along with an understanding of how this area intersects with other disciplinary domains
    • be able to communicate their acquired methodological and analytical insights to academic and non-academic audiences alike
    • be capable of translating academic findings from science, technology and innovation studies into practical suggestions for public and policy contexts.

    Career opportunities

    This programme is ideally suited to students looking to enter a career in academia, science communication, policy and government, social research and analysis, and non-governmental organisations.

    You will also develop a range of highly transferable skills, such as communication and project management, which can be applied to roles in any field.