Scientific and Technical Communication

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Course Category: Master and Master of Arts

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    This training provides knowledge about the actors and organizations that shape the field of scientific communication and helps to develop skills for the implementation of communication strategies.

    Course Description

    Balanced between theoretical and practical lessons, the programme is provided by lecturers specialized in the subjects (public communication, mediation, sociology of science, history and epistemology of science, scientific culture, media economics) and professional science communicators recognized in the field.

    Targeted skills

    • know the actors and organizations that shape the field of scientific communication;
    • analyse the information and communication field;
    • develop strategic thinking on science policy and professional practice of science communication;
    • master communication techniques;
    • implement communication strategies and communicational tools.

    It provides analytical, strategic, editorial and practical skills.

    Occupational integration

    The study on the employability of graduates 2009-2010 identifies a good employability rate 30 months after graduation, 76% of students say they have found a job, 21% after the completion of their internship. 69% found their job within three months, 79% found it in less than 6 months.

    The companies in which graduates found their jobs are 36% associative structures, 55% are public scientific institutions, the rest are private companies.