Science Communication

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Course Category: Master and Master of Science

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    This course is for those who want to train as professional science communicators, but are unsure which employment sector might suit them best. Academic and practical components provide a broad overview of the professional science communication landscape. A work placement or internship forms part of the course, as does an academic dissertation (guide length of report 10,000 words). Career opportunities after the course include print journalism, new media work, broadcast television or radio production and presentation, public affairs and public relations, museums/galleries and festivals, science policy work, academic research and development, and teaching.

    Course Description

    Core modules:

    • Science and its Social Contexts
    • The Media Representation of Science
    • Core Practical

    Optional Academic modules:

    • Documentary Film
    • Ethics in Sceince
    • Narrative
    • Science and Communication for Development
    • Science and Display
    • Science and Innovation Policy
    • Sounds, Signs and Meanings in Radio

    Optional Practical modules:

    • Exhibitions
    • Print
    • Radio
    • Television
    • Website Design


    A supervised in-depth piece of independent research on a science communciation topic of your choice.

    Work placement:

    The work placement allows you to develop the skills and knowledge gained on the course in the real world of science communication. Placements are set up through the College, although you may also undertake your own initiatives in consultation with the College. Placements cover the full range of science communication roles and students will be placed in the sector of their choice.