Social Studies of Science and Technology

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Course Category: Master and Master of Arts

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    The master programme is structured so that the experts acquire an update on different aspects of the science and technology knowledge and the mechanisms of interaction with society.

    Course Description

    The Masters in Social Studies of Science and Technology is an initiative of the Institute for Studies of Science and Technology of the University of Salamanca, in collaboration with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), aimed at training experts that can meet the current demand for mediation between science and technology and society as a whole, both from the professional field and from the equally important academic investigation of these aspects.

    The Masters in Social Studies of Science and Technology is divided into three modules:

    1.The first module shall be made online, during the months of September to December, through the Virtual Campus Studium University of Salamanca, where you can consult the guide of the module content, supplementary materials and proposed activities. Monitoring will be conducted by the teachers responsible for the subjects.

    2. The second module will be blended during the months of January to April. During January the subjects will be studied remotely via the Virtual Campus Studium and between the months of February and March will take place the contact sessions.

    The student, in addition to pursue the four core subjects, choose one of the following specialties:

    • Scientific Culture and Public Communication of Science
    • Responsible Policies for Science and Innovation

    3. The third module includes the subjects of external internship and Master’s Thesis. External Internships have a duration of one month and take place between the months of April and May can be made at one of the collaborating institutions with the program.

    In addition, students will have to prepare and defend a final dissertation between the months of May and July, which may be of two types:

    • Report on the contents of the draft audit practices or type of sufficient quality so that it can present to companies or institutions that have made the practice.
    • Research paper that meets the minimum standards of Article evaluable peer.