Communication of Science and Sustainable Innovation

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Course Category: Master and Master of Arts

Course Description
Course Description
  • Focus of Study

    MaCSIS aims at training communicators capable of interpreting different needs and promoting communication among diverse actors of innovation, contributing to the diffusion of scientific culture, innovation and sustainability, to the development of a socially sustainable innovation and to the promotion of a new citizenship within the knowledge society.

    Course Description

    The teaching program is organized in a following way:
    The lessons mainly cover these topics:

    • sociology of science and innovation;
    • communication theory;
    • scientific communication and new media;
    • communication of sustainability;
    • corporate social responsibility;
    • innovation, time and society;
    • comparative ethics policies;
    • risk and innovation in organizations;
    • art and science;
    • anthropology and territory.

    Exercises and laboratory activities cover:

    • science journalism;
    • techniques of storytelling;
    • web journalism;
    • television communication;
    • radio communication;
    • audio / video techniques;
    • infographics and web tools.

    Other lessons and exercises also cover:

    • social media and digital communications;
    • public communication;
    • communication of institutions and enterprises;
    • organization of events;
    • science museums;
    • observatories;
    • science centers.

    An overview of the research prospects in technical and scientific areas provides the elements to outline the main trends of technological innovation:

    • environmental sciences and technologies;
    • new materials;
    • new ICT;
    • biotechnology and life sciences.

    Other activities are designed and built by students, in collaboration with their teachers and staff of the Inter-University Centre for Science Communication and MaCSIS Third Mission, including:

    • conferences (theme days) open to the public;
    • multimedia products published on the web (Colpodiscienza , YouTube, Scienzainrete, Clubdante, Triwu, Moebius – Radio24, etc.);
    • field research within the thematic Science & Society.

    In addition to providing specific training on communication to anyone who already operate in the world of research, innovation, sustainability, culture and public administration, also preparing students to professions such as

    • journalism (press, radio and television);
    • web journalism;
    • press officer;
    • communicator of science and technology;
    • mediator in participatory processes related to sustainable innovation;
    • designer and organizer of scientific and cultural events;
    • expert of the traditional communication processes and new media;
    • expert of cultural and communication processes between science, technology and society;
    • operator of the territory for the promotion of cultural heritage and knowledge;
    • operator of science museums and business, science centers; operator of informal science education, etc.